My Voice – Update

I still can’t believe the amazing opportunity I am getting to run my student activism program “My Voice”. 

We just had our 3rd meeting last week and the kids are truly blowing me away. They are so committed to doing the work and becoming young activists. During our first meeting the goal was to teach students what activism is and how they could become one, even at a young age. At the next meeting we started to discuss what students are passionate about and why these topics are so important to them. At the last meeting students began to zoom in on a topic they will develop an activism project around. Topics have ranged from homelessness and stray animals to bullying, smoking and even depression. To see these 4th and 5th graders so focused and intent on making a change in their world is really inspiring. I hope I am helping them develop a passion for speaking up and making a change.

And as a side note, I am loving working with TechTown to hold our meetings. Such a fun space!

I am looking forward to what they create for their projects. I am also looking forward to them sharing their knowledge at our student showcase in May!

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