Student Activism or Student Voice?

Or both? That is the question. As I started my program, my mind initially went to student activism. I think I led with this because in my mind it is so important to let student voices be heard on all topics. I loved the topics that naturally came out from my first year working with student in My Voice, but as I reflect on their projects none of them were education related.

However, the need for student voice in education is SO obvious. And in the education realm the term tends to be student voice and not necessarily student activism. Including student voice in education increases student interest and student engagement. These obvious benefits plus the skills students could develop while perfecting and raising their student voice really make me want to focus on this topic more than student activism.

With all this in mind…and considering my experience as an educator I think my focus will be on student voice. I know that students can use their voice to address a variety of topics both in and out of education. If we work to teach them how to use their voice effectively to initiate change they can apply these skills to a variety of topics.

I have some great news coming soon about the program but I am waiting just a bit longer to get some details together. Stay tuned!

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