Hello 2021!

My Voice has been a bit quiet on the blog front but I’ve still been working behind the scenes to keep some wheels turning towards growing this youth activism program. One of the latest developments I’m most excited about is….My Voice is now an official LLC! A real company! It may seem small to some but it gets me very excited. This little accomplishment was needed to push me towards some greater achievements down the road.

Also, since I haven’t been able to run the program as an after school club I have been teaching a variety of classes on youth activism on a virtual learning site called Outschool. It has been a lot of fun talking to kids from all over (and even outside of) the country. I will link some of the classes below.

I look forward to all the possibilities this year holds for My Voice and ultimately I’m excited for the potential for REAL change!

Chat soon 🙂

My Voice – Kids Creating Change (8 – 11 Yrs)
My Voice – Kids Creating Change (12 -15 Yrs)
My Voice – Activism in Action

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