Teacherpreneur & Student Activism

The blog post below can also be found on my teacher blog martinteachingco.blogspot.com

Back in October  I participated in something called the Teacherpreneur Incubator which “offers teachers support, time and space to incubate big ideas and execute them in the best interests of their students and their profession”. My big idea was a student activism program focusing on upper elementary students. 

After working on our ideas for about 8 weeks we  had a big pitch night in front of 300 or more people. Even though I didn’t win I still received funding for my program! It was quite the experience.

As we roll into January I am excited to get my program “My Voice” started! I have permission from my principal to run the program in my building. I have networked with my former school and have received permission to partner with them as well. I worked with a graphic designer to finalize our logo and prepared student materials over the last week.

Student applications went out today after teachers showed student a brief informational video about the program. Student interviews will be held next week and the first meeting of the program will be at the end of the month. I can’t wait to see what my students are capable of! More to come soon.

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